GAN Mosaic Cubes 10×10 Set (100 Cubes Each Pack)


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The GAN Mosaic Cubes are the latest and greatest way for creative cubers to make art work with 3x3s! Traditional ways to create mosaic art with 3×3 cubes involved ordering a bunch of cheap 3x3s and having to either set them on the floor or custom make your own stand to hold them.

With the GAN Mosaic Cube set, it includes an incredible veristle stand to securely hold the cubes aswell as add easy functionality to enable magnetically connecting multiple sets together as well mounting on the wall!

One 10×10 set contains 100 individual 3×3 cubes.


  • Magnetic Positioning Joint (Connect sets together!)
  • 45° to 90° Display Angle
  • Wall Mountable Holes

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