Are you planning to conduct a competition ? Here is the checklist of items.

1) Estimate how many number of cubers are expected for the events

2) The events can be at a minimum or 1 or 2 and can be several like

3x3x3, 2x2x2, 4x4x4, 5x5x5, 6x6x6, 7x7x7, 3x3x3 OH, 3x3x3 BLD, 3x3x3 FMC, Pyraminx, Megaminx, Skewb, Rubik’s Clock, 3x3x3 Feet, 3x3x3 Multi BLD, 4x4x4 BLD, 5x5x5 BLD, Square-1 or any other puzzle.

Based on the number of events and volume of participants the event can be conducted in 1 or 2 or 3 days.

4) You can either give free registration or charge the participants for each event based on your budget

5) What you need for the competition and the estimated costs are given below

a) Stack Mats+Timers+Displays+Tables+Chairs – You can get them for free or for nominal rent from us if you are outside Hyderabad. They are free if you are conducting in Hyderabad.

b) Score cards printedc) Flexi Banners – This is optionald) Prizes – You may give participation certificates, Medals for winners or cash or gift vouchers – Budget can vary on this. We can sponsor certificates and Medals if you discuss with us.e) Venue with sufficient tables and chairs. Please note that the lighting conditions should be good enough for the cubers to see the cube sticker colors well. Over lighting and under lighting will be a problem.f) Volunteers are required to help on judging during the competition. Training videos will help and train the judges before the event on their duties. Participants can also help on this.h) You need 1 or 2 persons at reception for registration, same person(s) can be used for entering all the scores into an excel file and we can display the results on our events site. 

6) Having a cube store during the competition will certainly add up the enthusiasm among the participants as they are always eager the purchase the cubes at discounted prices. We can franchise this as well if it is outside Hyderabad.

Please call us on +91-7032969696 or email-us if you have any further queries. We will be glad to assist you to conduct a cube competition.