Postponing Delivery Date

Buyer: There may be situations when a buyer has purchased and realized his/her availability for delivery is doubtful. It is advised to contact our customer care to give a preferred future day of shipment if the item is not already shipped.

Seller: We will take care of the inventory management very well and try to list out products only when we have and they are in good condition. However, there may be situations like the item gets damaged in our handling before delivery and we never deliver damaged goods to our buyers, we will immediately bring it to the buyers’ notice and request for postponing the delivery date. We see that these situations are very rare. If the timelines in such cases are not mutually agreed upon, the seller will cancel and refund the amount.

Cancellation Procedure

Buyer: After the amount gets remitted to our account which will take 3 days, the buyer cannot cancel the transaction. The buyer can request cancellation if the purchase happens to be a duplicate transaction. The buyer needs to contact customer service before the shipment is shipped by the seller.

Seller: In case of situations where the item purchased is not available for various reasons listed below. The Seller will cancel and initiate a refund.

  1. The available product has become not in stock after the purchase
  2. The buyer has not agreed to delivery postponement initiated by Seller
  3. Courier companies we are associated, do not have delivery provision to the shipping address
  4. Any political disturbance in shipment location or in-transit or in destination locations which will cause an unacceptable delay.
  5. If the courier company is unable to track the address or unable to contact the given phone number

Wrong Postal Address or Phone number – Buyers are advised to provide the correct postal address and phone numbers which will enable the courier companies to deliver the item. It is advised to contact our customer care to give a change in address or phone number if the item is not yet shipped by us.

Refund Claim Procedure

Buyer: If the buyer receives a physically damaged product that cannot be used, the buyer needs to contact customer care and can claim a refund. We will ask you to send the damaged product back to us and to provide a tracking number within 2 days of the receipt of the item. Once the item is received we will provide you with either a replacement or refund. The refund procedure will take 15 days after the refund initiation.

Seller: A refund will be initiated if the seller has cancelled the transactions based on the cancellation procedure


If the item is damaged or the item sent by the seller is not the item described in the listing. The buyer needs to contact customer care and request a replacement. In such a case, we will ask the buyer to ships back the item to us within 2 days of the receipt of the item and provide a tracking number. Seller will send the replacement item only after receiving the earlier shipped item. Replacement will be done only if the item is not found in used condition.